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Omnipresence is what Dominance is all about. It's a measure of power, influence, prestige, knowledge, might and worship and fuels everything an Elder does.

Omnipresence can be gained from:

  1. Settlement ownership, where each inhabitant in an owned settlement grants 1 omnipresence
  2. Neayas - other Elders that are directly beneath you grant 33% of their omnipresence to you (without reducing their omnipresence)
  3. Titles - Emperors gain additional omnipresence according to their title - Master gives +20%, Ruler +40%, ... all the way to Dominator which gives +220%
  4. Special settlement focuses - that grant a bonus to collected omnipresence

Omnipresence grants:

  1. Mana per tick - higher the omnipresence faster your mana pool will fill up,
  2. Access to spells - with increased omnipresence an elder gains access (unlocks) ever more powerful spells,
  3. Automatic spell research - those spells beneath an Elder's omnipresence level research themselves automatically,
  4. 'Winning the Game - average omnipresence is a major factor in calculating the game winner.

Goal of every Elder should be to amass the highest possible omnipresence - as it fuels their coffers and bank, allows them to cast critical spells and raise deadlier armies.